FlexNetworks awarded Project Approval from the CRTC for Rural Saskatchewan Fibre Optic Projects

Telecom Decision CRTC 2021-45| CRTC

BH Telecom, doing business as FlexNetworks, continues to expand its fibre optic footprint into underserved regions of Saskatchewan, this time into 26 communities East and Southwest of Saskatoon, including Camp Dundurn, White Cap, Jansen and Leroy, too name a few.

FlexNetworks will build over 330 KM of Fibre Optic cable to connect these 26 communities which will provide 10 Gbps of Internet transport into these areas. This announcement, coupled with our current rural-based projects to connect under-served communities between Saskatoon and Prince Albert as well as Saskatoon and Regina, will bring our total fibre-length count to over 900 KM in rural Saskatchewan! These investments will make a massive difference in closing the broadband gap in the Province, allowing residents, students, business owners and government entities the ability to take part in the knowledge economy of the 21st Century.

We are very proud to be an enabler of high-speed connectivity to more than half-million residents of Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact info@flexnetworks.ca.

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