Frequently Asked Questions


FlexFibre is already available in a number of communities across central Saskatchewan and we’re constantly expanding our network. See Fibre Coverage map for details.

For more information or to inquire about bringing FlexFibre to your community, please contact us.

FlexFibre is the evolution of rural internet, bringing secure, reliable internet to your home at speeds traditionally only available in the city. We utilize cutting edge equipment and decades of expertise to connect you to the rest of the world.

Depending on your location, FlexFibre can deliver ultra-fast download speeds between 100 Mbps and 2500 Mbps. Please contact FlexNetworks at to get the speeds for your area.

None at all. It’s tough to enjoy high-speed fibre internet if you’re constantly watching your data usage. With FlexFibre there are no limits!

Simply put: yes. The longer explanation is that when you choose FlexFibre you add value to your home with cutting edge, future-proof technology that ensures high speed, reliable internet is at your service. Your fee allows for the establishment of the infrastructure to bring next generation fibre optic cabling directly to your home, and is based on a number of factors. Please see our Fibre Coverage map and contact us regarding the installation costs in your area.

FlexFibre is the most reliable form of internet currently available. Our service is not subject to environmental factors that would otherwise cause service disruption.

You may be able to get by today with the existing internet service, but it is operating at peak speed – it is as good as it is going to get, ever. Fibre-optic allows for far higher speeds as your needs change – essentially fibre-optic is future proof. Furthermore, copper wire has been deemed obsolete by the majority of service providers across North America and with any obsolete technology, reliability and service continuation become issues. Fibre-optics are extremely reliable and will be long into the future.

The community benefits from abundant fibre-optic internet in many ways. Aside from raising property values, abundant bandwidth attracts and retains youth, appeals to workers looking to settle, entices new businesses to form, reduces cost and improves revenues for existing business, creates opportunities to improve education and health care services and much more. Communities with abundant internet have an opportunity to grow and to improve the quality of life for all citizens. Without fibre, your community is not going to be as attractive as those that have fibre to every property.

The need for faster internet speeds continuously grows, so fibre will meet your needs into the future.
The value of your property is increased by as much as three per cent (3%) after fibre is installed and the appreciation is growing as the needs of buyers increase. Besides, it may not cost you more to have fibre for the same entry level bandwidth of 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload (50/10). For speeds greater than 50/10, all service is symmetrical meaning the download and upload speeds are identical. This is beneficial for video conferencing, doing backups to internet ‘cloud’ services, or in sending files, pictures, or videos to friends/family or in uploading to social media.

Declaring your interest in the service, even if you do not intend to take a speed greater than 50/10 at the onset contributes to the overall level of interest for the community. This allows the service provider to make an informed decision to proceed with the construction if the level of interest is sufficient to warrant the investment. The investment required from the service provider to bring fibre internet to the community is substantial, taking many years to recover. Without your level of interest, your community could miss out.

Faster internet allows for a seamless experience as the needs of technology advance. Whether you are online shopping, watching movies, gaming, or working on cloud based platforms, faster internet can meet the needs of all devices connected for years to come.

Our basic plan is priced about the same as your current plan, but your copper or satellite connection will never be able to give you faster internet. Fibre is much more stable and consistent, you won’t be slowed down during “peak” times when the whole family (and neighborhood) are online. With fibre you also have the ability to turn it up to 50 times faster any time in the future with just a phone call. Plus, you are helping your community get fibre internet service which is essential for continued success and growth. Without you signing up to demonstrate your interest, your community may miss out if there isn’t sufficient interest.

The more people that sign up the sooner we can start to build and give everyone access to high-speed internet.

We are not aware of any plans from other providers to upgrade service in your community, now or in the near future. Your existing copper infrastructure is past end of life and cannot be upgraded to speeds beyond 50/10. Replacing this infrastructure with fibre-optics is a significant investment from the service provider. Take advantage of the opportunity for your community to get fibre-optic internet service.