Saskatchewan's elite Wi-Fi Experience

Cutting Edge Wi-Fi

Powerful 2nd generation Wi-Fi 6, connects everything from uninterrupted surfing, stream—balancing work and homework

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Easily enable Wi-Fi for your guests, set parental controls, and set prioritization of devices and applications—with protection from malware and viruses—all from the MyFlexHome app

Fully Managed

Fully secure. Worry free. GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi is fully managed by us

What is GigaSpire BLAST Wi-Fi?

Fully Secure

Now offering WPA3 protocols along with the latest integrated hardware security and automatically updated software security to ensure a safe and secure subscriber experience​The all-in-one, peace of mind, Wi-Fi control solution.

Flexible Mesh

"Plug & Play" with intelligent mesh. The latest intelligent mesh technology extends amazing Wi-Fi to the hard to reach corners of any residence.

Lightning Fast

No lag and no downtime with Multi-user, Multi-input, Multi-output (MU-MIMO tech) with 8 streams of data simultaneously.

Exceptional Design

Beautiful systems that even the most design focused person will be proud to display.

Ultimate Performance

The Ultimate Wi-Fi experience is driven by amazing Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) performance to reach every corner of your home.

Fully Managed

Every BLAST system is managed by your diligent team at FlexNetworks so they can fix issues before they occur and ensure a simple, amazing experience.

Fit for You

The BLAST Family is constantly growing to help ensure that we can offer the Wi-Fi system that is right for you.

Cutting Edge

Experience a growing selection of applications enhancing everything for your connected life from parental controls to the latest in network security and more.

FlexNetworks Wi-Fi

No pods, no complexity, and no frustration with the best Wi-Fi experience from GigaSpire BLAST

Whole Home Coverage

Certified Wi-Fi 6 reaches farther and faster. Take your Wi-Fi experience beyond the walls of your home with GigaSpire BLAST Intelligent Mesh. Fit for you.

Built for the 
modern home

Connect 100+ wireless devices without affecting your network

Improved Battery Life for your devices

Notifies when devices are on standby, matching connection needs so WiFi won’t drain battery

Faster Speeds

Up to 40% faster experiences when you connect Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices to the GigaSpire BLAST

No More Bandwidth Wars

Helps prioritize connections to ensure smoother experience for
all devices

Eliminate Dead Spots

Eliminate dead spots see below how GigaSpire BLAST eliminates dead spots. 

No More Lag

Smoother streaming, faster downloads and improved gaming and video conferencing

MyFlexHome: Saskatchewan's elite Wi-Fi Deserves an elite App.

Take command of your connected home with MyFlexHome

Stunning Design

MyFlexHome rivals the most downloaded mobile apps in the market. An intuitive design offers complete control of every aspect of the connected home from the palm of your hand.

Fingertip Control

MyFlexHome rivals the most downloaded mobile apps in the market. An intuitive design offers complete control of every aspect of the connected home from the palm of your hand.

Secure and Reliable

Built with security in mind, with MyFlexHome trust that your home network is secure and reliable.

Intuitive Navigation

Set up your GigaSpire BLAST system with minimal support. Customize settings across all connected devices, applications, family members, and rooms to create your own ultimate experience.

Easy Set Up

Get up and running quickly. Simple in-app guidance helps to set up everything in the home and add future services that meet your lifestyle.

Real-time Alerts

Receive timely and helpful messages and alerts to know of any issues and provide offers and services that can enhance subscriber experience.


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