We connect you

Connecting Canadians with greater choice, better service and faster internet.


Fast-growing and forward-thinking, FlexNetworks owns, manages and operates extensive fibre-optic networks, and has been offering the ultimate in connectivity since 2014. Focussed on expanding coverage in regions of central and western Canada to meet current and future needs, we’re bringing more choice and better service to businesses and the people who live there. 

Taking a fresh approach, FlexNetworks provides the next generation of communications solutions with all-new, 100% fibre networks – and no legacy infrastructure. Small business and large enterprises profit from our ability to deliver services quickly, to develop flexible solutions that fit their business, and can depend on 99.999% uptime and superior customer support. We offer the same level of quality and customer care to communities too, providing underserved, small-town residents with fibre service to ensure everyone has access to high-speed internet.

Underneath it all lies our ongoing commitment to advance the country’s fibre-optic infrastructure, improve the opportunities for economic growth and invest in tomorrow.

FlexNetworks continues to lay the groundwork for the future, expanding our pure-fibre networks across Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario to keep Canadians connected.