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What is Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (or SD-WAN/SDWAN) and how can it help your business?

SD-WAN (SDWAN), or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking, is technology applied to Wide Area Network (WAN) connections that connect enterprise networks over large geographic distances. It moves network control into the cloud using software, simplifying the management of a WAN. 

Gartner defines SD-WAN with four key requirements: 

  1. SD-WAN supports multiple connection types: MPLS, broadband, Internet, LTE Wireless etc.
  2. The SD-WAN solution must perform load sharing of traffic across multiple WAN connections efficiently and dynamically.
  3. SD-WAN must simplify management, configuration, and orchestration of WAN solutions.
  4. SD-WAN must provide secure VPN and integrate into firewalls, WAN optimization, and other network services.

How SD-WAN can benefit your business 

Cloud-based applications make the business world go around. How your corporate network is designed directly affects your ability to access and properly utilize business-critical applications, share data, utilize social media services, connect via video conference, and more. 

But applications aren’t uniform; they all don’t need the same level of speed, latency and performance from a network. By boosting network capacity exactly where it’s needed, SD-WAN ensures the quality of application delivery. SD-WAN’s dynamic path selection also avoids congestion points and diverts traffic to less-travelled routes. This kind of responsive load balancing lets IT easily perform the high-quality data transfers that are needed for high-performance applications. 

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