Technology Debt, Part Two

Back in February, we talked about the concept of Technology Debt, which is, the longer you wait to implement new technology, the harder it is to do when the time comes. Why?

Are you running up a “Technology Debt”?

“(Companies) are allowing their current technology to drive their IT strategy instead of letting their long-term business strategy drive their technology decisions.” Ted Carty, VP Business Development, Grade A

High Tech Plumbers

We’re high-tech Plumbers and we’re proud of it! We are under no illusions about our place in the Canadian Telecom universe at FlexNetworks. We are next-generation plumbers. That’s it, that’s all.

Cable vs Fibre

Why should my business upgrade from cable (coax) Internet to Fibre Optic Internet? I’ve heard variations of this question many times over my career. And my initial response is usually the same: you more than likely don’t. If your business only requires basic download connectivity for web surfing and email, doesn’t utilize real-time applications like […]

Building a 530 km ‘Glass Highway’ from Regina to Saskatoon

“FlexNetworks is excited to play a part in the Connect to Innovate program and help transform the lives of thousands of Canadians and businesses. Partnering with the Government of Canada will enable us to build a fibre-optic network that will give Saskatchewan families and businesses access to high-speed services, which are essential to communicating and […]