We’re high-tech Plumbers and we’re proud of it!

We are under no illusions about our place in the Canadian Telecom universe at FlexNetworks.

We are next-generation plumbers.

That’s it, that’s all.

But instead of water through copper pipes, we push light through strands of glass.

It’s not sexy but take it for granted at your own peril. In Canada we don’t think twice about clean, fresh water coming out of our taps – until it doesn’t.

Same as your business.

Critical applications are only as good as the reliability of the connection to it – poor connectivity leads to a poor user-experience, which inevitably ends with someone losing their job.

The best part about being a plumber (both the low-and-hi-tech variety) is that you get to enable fun things to work, like waterslides and swimming pools or autonomous vehicles and LEO satellites. To push the analogy as far as it can go, good plumbers ensure that a life-sustaining resource is available for all of us – humans, animals and plants alike.  High-tech plumbers enable new technologies to be realized – giving organizations the ability to grow and compete.

Speaking of enabling new technologies, one of the things we are most excited about at FlexNetworks is our ability to provide inter-connectivity to the Cloud “on-ramps” that provide direct connections to the big Cloud service providers like AWS, Google, Azure, IBM, Oracle and Salesforce (to name a few). These service providers offer NaaS or Network as a Service, which is scalable, virtualized infrastructure.

We are now able to provide dedicated, private Layer-2 connections from our serving territories in Saskatchewan and Ottawa, to Cloud “on-ramps” in Calgary and Montreal, filling that essential gap, reducing latency on real-time, mission-critical applications.

If you need a dedicated route to the big Cloud providers (BTW, if you don’t yet, you will), contact sales@flexnetworks.ca – our plumbers are standing by, wrenches in hand!