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Technology Debt, Part Two

Back in February, we talked about the concept of Technology Debt, which is, the longer you wait to implement new technology, the harder it is to do when the time comes.


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Latency and Bandwidth: Brothers from another Mother.

When it comes to network connectivity, bandwidth and latency are ‘brothers from another mother’ – close enough to be related but different enough to be noticeable. Understanding this distinction can mean the difference between an acceptable user experience and utter frustration.

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FlexNetworks Update – Spring 2020

If you’ve been following our progress these past couple of years, you would have noticed a steady upward trajectory in terms of our geographic growth in both of our operating territories of Saskatchewan and the National Capital Region.

This growth has been fueled by the pent-up demand for accessible, affordable, ultra high-speed connectivity by many of the organizations we have proudly added to our roster of Customers. And the best thing about this is that its exponential in nature – our growth produces more growth.

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What Is Digital Transformation?

Buzzword alert – are you ready?

Digital Transformation.

Doesn’t ring a bell?

Not surprised.

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High Tech Plumbers

We’re high-tech Plumbers and we’re proud of it!

We are under no illusions about our place in the Canadian Telecom universe at FlexNetworks.

We are next-generation plumbers.

That’s it, that’s all.

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Cable vs Fibre

Why should my business upgrade from cable (coax) Internet to Fibre Optic Internet?

I’ve heard variations of this question many times over my career.

And my initial response is usually the same: you more than likely don’t.

If your business only requires basic download connectivity for web surfing and email, doesn’t utilize real-time applications like voice and video, hosts nothing in the cloud that needs reliable upload speeds and doesn’t require bandwidth higher then 1 Gbps, then you probably don’t need to upgrade from cable (coax).

However, if even one of these resonated with you, then you owe it to yourself to compare the two options.

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