Canada needs more skilled trades people.

First Peoples Development Inc., a local Manitoba not-for-profit, can now get your business up to $10,000 for Red Seal Trades apprenticeships.

Job vacancies in Canada’s construction sector have hit record highs, with 81,500 open positions in Q1 2022 (a 7.1% increase from the end of 2021).

With these (and other) shortages, developers and builders are finding it difficult to keep up with increasing demand.

First Peoples Development Inc. (FPDI) is, among many other things, getting Canadians trained and ready for work.

Through the new Canada-wide Apprenticeship project, FPDI is helping Red Seal tradespeople fund their apprenticeship program.

The Apprenticeship Project will assist Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in hiring first-year apprentices in one of the 39 Red Seal trades.

Are you an Employer seeking to hire a first-year apprentice or currently have an employee you would like to enroll in the apprenticeship system?

Are you a first-year apprentice seeking employment?

FPDI can help. Learn more on their website:

How does FlexNetworks play a part in the FPDI story?

When FPDI learned they had won the Apprenticeship project, it meant growing the local Winnipeg team. The staff growth also meant investing in technology to deliver this new program.

Reliable Internet became a problem that had to be addressed.

Joan Harris-Warren, the Executive Director of FPDI researched her options, and learned about FlexNetworks being new to the business park.

It was a perfect fit, and now they can stop worrying about technology disruptions, and get to building the skills of Canadian Workers.

“FlexNetworks has improved our business functions with reliable internet services.” Said Joan Harris-Warren.  “Their staff are friendly and available to assist us as we take on our new apprenticeship project.  We appreciate FlexNetworks partnership approach and look forward to a continued positive working relationship.”

FlexNetworks offers Internet and data network solutions in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, for organizations like FDPI who see reliable Internet as critical to their business. Learn more about what FlexNetworks is doing in Winnipeg

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