Simpson – Contractor Crews Have Arrived!

Hi Simpson! 

We’ve had the pleasure of talking to many of you over the last couple months. We are so excited to bring our pure fibre-optic internet to your home and give you access to the fastest internet in Saskatchewan. 

As mentioned, when we last spoke, we are still on track to have our services live at your home by June. Our contractor crews (Rycko) have arrived and will activity be constructing our distribution network across town for the next 6-8 weeks. Once that is complete, we will then begin running the line directly to your home and lighting up our services.  

Since you’ve already signed up and took advantage of our pre-construction offer there will be no installation charges and you get to enjoy that exclusive locked-in rate over the next two years.  

Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email us if you have any questions.