Birch Hills SK: the next community to experience the fastest internet available in rural Saskatchewan.

REDBIRD – MOVING FORWARD AS FLEXNETWORKS is pleased to announce we are bringing our 100% owned fibre-optic internet network to the community of Birch Hills. With speeds available up to 2500 Mbps upload and download, paired with the latest WiFi router technology that outperforms the competition, the most reliable internet connection available will allow residents to stream, game, work, and enjoy life uninterrupted.

Lightning-fast, reliable, and affordable, here to bring more choice and better service.

“With this new infrastructure in place, our residents and businesses will have the ability to work more efficiently, connect with loved ones, and access new opportunities. This investment in our community will not only improve the quality of life but also attract new growth to our area.” says Stewart Adams, Mayor of Birch Hills.  “I firmly believe that access to reliable, high-speed internet is crucial for the success of any modern community, and together with FlexNetworks, I am proud to bring this vital resource to Birch Hills to create a brighter, more connected future for our town.”


About FlexNetworks

Founded in 2008, Redbird has made a large contribution to providing fibre internet in rural communities across Saskatchewan. Joining FlexNetworks in 2022 has amplified their mission of offering the ultimate in connectivity to underserved areas through the province. As of April 2023, Redbird will be moving forward, officially operating under the name FlexNetworks, with their head office remaining in Saskatoon SK.

FlexNetworks owns, manages, and operates extensive fibre-optic networks focusing on expanding coverage in regions of central and western Canada to meet current and future needs.


For questions please contact 1 (306) 979-6733