FlexNetworks Accessibility Plan


1. Introduction and Overview

  • Purpose: The purpose of this plan is to outline FlexNetworks’ commitment to identifying, removing, and preventing barriers in line with the Accessible Canada Act, which aims to make Canada barrier-free by January 1, 2040. This includes ensuring our services and employment practices are inclusive and accessible to everyone.
  • Company Overview: FlexNetworks is a telecommunications company providing dedicated fibre-optic internet solutions for businesses and residential customers across Canada. Our mission is to deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity through our own fibre-optic infrastructure, ensuring top-tier service and customer satisfaction. We are committed to inclusivity and strive to create a barrier-free environment for all.


 2. Stakeholder Engagement

  • Consultation Process: We conducted a comprehensive survey in Fall 2023, reaching over 2,000 customers to gather feedback on their experience with our services. We continuously engage with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the broader community, to identify and address accessibility needs.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Feedback can be provided through our dedicated accessibility feedback page at www.flexnetworks.ca/accessibility/feedback

  Feedback will be reviewed regularly and used to inform ongoing improvements.


 3. Accessibility Policies

  • Comprehensive Accessibility Policy: We have established policies to ensure all aspects of our operations are inclusive. These policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they meet current accessibility standards and best practices.
  • Employment Policies: We offer accommodations for both visible and invisible disabilities throughout the employment process and encourage candidates to disclose their needs so we can provide necessary support.


 4. Training and Awareness

  • Employee Training: All employees receive training on accessibility awareness, inclusive practices, and the use of assistive technologies.
  • Continuous Education: We provide ongoing education and updates on accessibility standards and regulations to ensure our team remains informed and proactive in addressing accessibility issues.


 5. Accessible Communication

  • Accessible Formats: All public-facing communications, including website content, customer support materials, and billing information, are available in accessible formats upon request. Requests can be made via email at marketing@flexnetworks.com
  • Website Accessibility: Our website complies with WCAG 2.1 standards to ensure it is accessible to all users.


 6. Customer Service Accessibility

  • Customer Support: Our customer service representatives are trained to assist customers with disabilities effectively. We ensure all service channels (phone, email, chat) are accessible.
  • Service Channels: Customers can reach out to us through various accessible channels, including our feedback page, dedicated support lines, email and text. www.flexnetworks.ca/support


 7. Physical and Digital Infrastructure

  • Office Accessibility: Our physical office is fully accessible, meeting all built environment accessibility standards. We provide necessary accommodations to employees working in the office.
  • Remote Work: We support remote work arrangements, which can help level the playing field for employees with disabilities by providing a flexible and accessible work environment.


 8. Technology Accessibility

  • Assistive Technologies: We offer assistive technologies to both employees and customers as needed. Our customer-facing app, CommandIQ, includes accessibility compliance enhancements and integrates with Android/iOS accessibility settings to provide more contrast, visible buttons, increased font size, and compatibility with screen readers.
  • Software Accessibility: We ensure all software and tools used by the company are accessible and compatible with assistive technologies.

9. Employment Accessibility

  • Inclusive Hiring Practices: We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace by ensuring our hiring practices are accessible. This includes providing accommodations during the application process and throughout employment.
  • Remote Work Accommodations: We recognize that remote work can help level the playing field for employees with disabilities. We provide necessary tools and technologies to support accessible remote work environments.
  • Ongoing Support: We encourage employees to disclose any accessibility needs so we can provide appropriate accommodations. We also regularly review our employment practices to ensure they remain inclusive and barrier-free.


 10. Emergency Procedures

  • Accessible Emergency Plans: We have developed and communicated emergency procedures that consider the needs of employees with disabilities where required.


 11. Monitoring and Reporting

  • Regular Assessments: We conduct regular accessibility assessments of our facilities, services, and digital platforms.
  • Progress Reports: We provide annual reports on our progress in improving accessibility, available at: www.flexnetworks.ca/accessibility/plan


 12. Compliance and Legal Requirements

  • Regulatory Compliance: We ensure full compliance with the Accessible Canada Act and CRTC regulations, continually updating our practices to meet or exceed these standards.
  • Documentation: We maintain comprehensive documentation of all accessibility initiatives, policies, and procedures.


 13. Review and Update

  • Plan Review: Our accessibility plan is reviewed and updated regularly to reflect changes in regulations, technology, and best practices, not less than once per year.
  • Continuous Improvement: We foster a culture of continuous improvement in accessibility, always seeking new ways to enhance inclusivity.


14.  Our Ongoing Commitment

– Short-term Goals: Immediate actions include enhancing digital accessibility, training staff, and improving feedback mechanisms.

– Long-term Goals: Longer-term objectives focus on ongoing accessibility improvements, continuous stakeholder engagement, and regular