Jay Bundus, our Regina-based Senior Account Executive, will be transitioning into the full-time MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) Sales Executive role promoting Fastnet+ by Flexnetworks across all our serving territories in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Jay is excited about taking on the MDU portfolio. “Property owners and managers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Fastnet+ by FlexNetworks fills that need by offering a turn-key Wi-Fi solution that adds value to their property and a highly regarded amenity for their tenants.”

 If you’re a residential property developer, owner and/or manager and want to learn more about Fastnet+ by FlexNetworks, please contact Jay at (306) 531-9134 or Jay.Bundus@flexnetworks.ca.

Lance Kelln will be taking over from Jay as our new Regina-based Senior Account Executive. Contact Lance at (306) 580-3645 or lance.kelln@flexnetworks.ca for more information on our business internet services.