FlexNet Internet Services

Built for Data-Intensive Applications

FlexWave™ is an engine for economic growth that unlocks your organization’s potential, allowing you to compete globally. Rival the big players on your turf. With speeds of up to 100 Gbps of throughput, FlexWave™ services offer endless possibilities.


Experience lightning-fast speeds up to 100 Gbps as you use your network. 


With the huge data demands of today, FlexWave™ the capacity you need.


As your needs change, FlexWave™ allows you to quickly adapt and scale to meet your needs.

Other premium fibre-optic products

FlexNet Internet Services

Private Network for Internal Operations

Dedicated network tailored to your needs. Speeding up your internal communications and maximizing productivity.

FlexNet Internet Services

Premium Enterprise Internet

Premium Business Internet will enable you and your team to work at full capacity continuously.

FlexNet Internet Services

Premium Fibre-Optics

Physically connect your locations using your hardware and our top-quality fibre-optics.

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