FlexNet Internet Services

Our Premium Fibre-Optics, Your Hardware.

Leasing FlexNetworks dark fibre offers peace of mind by ensuring business continuity, un-constrained throughput and security. A FlexDark™ connection to your off-site data centre or backup storage site provides redundancy and ensures minimal disruption.


Physical security is paramount, your fibre belongs to you alone. It increases your ability to ensure secure data transmission between facilities.


You can use our fibre-optics however you need, with the ability to utilize 8 different services in one fibre.


By selecting your own transmission technology, you can determine the transfer capacity of this point-to-point connection.

Other premium fibre-optic products

FlexNet Internet Services

Private Network for Internal Operations

Dedicated network tailored to your needs. Speeding up your internal communications and maximizing productivity.

FlexNet Internet Services

Premium Enterprise Internet

Premium Business Internet will enable you and your team to work at full capacity continuously.

FlexNet Internet Services

Ultra-High Bandwidth

For all of your high-data demands, FlexWave™ can scale as your business scales.

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