What is FlexNetworks?
Privately held and well-funded, BH Telecom Corp., doing business as FlexNetworks, is focused on delivering facilities-based, fibre-optic broadband services to the Canadian market. FlexNetworks provides scalable and flexible solutions to meet current and future connectivity needs for organizations, enterprise business customers, service providers and carriers. FlexNetworks owns, manages and operates, end-to-end, all of the facilities within its extensive fibre-optic network. Our current core geographic footprint includes Ottawa, as well as the Saskatchewan cities of Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw and Estevan.

What services do you offer?
FlexNetworks offers dedicated, symmetrical Internet connectivity over our facilities-based fibre-optic network, as well as scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity delivered over our MPLS core network, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services, and Dark Fibre. All lit circuits are provisioned on a 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) access, with scalable services starting at 10 Mbps.

How is your network designed?
FlexNetworks’ network is designed for high availability, ensuring virtually no downtime. We use fibre-optics for all of our connections and the latest and most reliable telecommunications core-equipment available.

How do I request a quote?
Call 1-800-724-8353, extension 3100 or email Sales@FlexNetworks.ca. A member of our sales department will contact you within 24 hours.

What documents do you require sign-off on when executing an agreement?
FlexNetworks requires the execution of our Network Services Agreement (NSA).

What term lengths do you offer?
Our typical contract term length is 3 years. We also offer options for 1 and 5 years. Terms longer than 5 years are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get a copy of your General Commercial Terms and Conditions?
You can access a copy of our General Commercial Terms and Conditions here.

Can I get a copy of your Acceptable Use Policy?
You can access a copy of our Acceptable Use Policy here.

What SLA – Service Level Agreement – do you offer?”
We have a MTTR (mean time to repair services) of six hours for all systems and electronics and six hours for service interruptions related to our physical plant and equipment.

How do I request a larger IP block?
You will need to fill out and email an IP justification form to  Support@FlexNetworks.ca.

We require network redundancy, do you support BGP?
Yes, we provide a full global routing table and will advertise your network(s) to our upstream providers.

How will my connection be secured?
FlexNetworks provides secure, isolated connections through highly-reliable devices with current protection against security threats. We have security measures in place on all interfaces in our network which ensure that only authorized traffic is filtered through.

Can you prioritize my traffic?
Yes, CoS can be enabled within our network for delivery-sensitive applications.

What is your typical service order interval?
We can typically design and build a new fibre circuit within 6-8 weeks of agreement acceptance, however an estimated delivery date will not be provided until a site walk is completed and the final service design is authorized by the property owner.

What is a CIF and why do you require it?
The Customer Information Form (CIF) is required to allow us to promptly and accurately begin the construction process.

How soon after signing a network service agreement will I be contacted?
You will be contacted by a representative of FlexNetworks within 48 hours to confirm we have received your order and the service requested. During this call, we will book an appointment for your initial site walk.

What are the typical milestones in your service delivery process?
We will book an initial site walk to determine the best solution for the path and termination of the circuit. We complete and present a final design within 10 days of the initial site visit for sign-off by the building owner and/or customer.

After sign-off, we provide an estimated delivery date. All municipal and access permitting can delay a project. If there is a delay, you will be notified and we will provide a revised estimated date of delivery.

We assign a project manager who will keep you up to date on our progress during the build. Upon completion of Layer-1 construction, we complete light-level testing on the circuit and the circuit is handed over to network operations to complete the logical configuration of the circuit.

How do you handle extraordinary construction charges?
Our typical one-time charge for a circuit is $2,500, which is waived for longer term agreements. If a non-standard one-time fee is required to offset a large build cost or unforeseen construction charges (for instance, a new lateral conduit) you will be notified immediately and given the option to pay or terminate the agreement.

How will you terminate my circuit?
We will terminate your fibre circuits in your preferred in-building location, typically the IT closet, on a rack-mountable Cisco NID using a standardized RJ-45 connector hand-off. Optical hand-offs and wall-mountable options are available.

How much lead time do you give when handing over my service?
Typically, within 48 hours after light-level testing is completed, our network operations department will contact you to schedule the final test and turn-up of the circuit.

When will you commission our service?
During our standard local business hours, between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm. After-hour and weekend turn-ups are available and are subject to additional one-time charges. Standard commissioning will be ‘hot’ in nature, meaning circuit will be provisioned with new or provided IP addresses and handed off. A ‘cold’ commission can be booked, meaning two live, parallel circuits (new and existing) using different IP blocks, and switched over when you are ready. In-service date will be established when you accept the live circuit regardless of the hand-over type.

Will I be notified of my in-service date in writing?
You will be notified of your in-service date verbally during the final Test and Turn-up of Circuit and in writing on your first invoice.


What are your support hours?
Our Canadian-based NOC is manned 24/7.

My circuit is down, what do I do?
Please call our NOC as soon as you detect an outage. Your issue will be triaged, and a ticket number will be assigned for you to refer to during troubleshooting. Our network is monitored and surveilled 24/7. In most cases, a fault notification will trigger an alarm within our NOC and they will proactively contact you.

How do you handle a DDoS attack?
Upon being notified of a DDoS attack, FlexNetworks would initially determine and/or validate the targeted host(s) and TCP/UDP port(s) utilizing a logging ACL. If feasible, an ACL would be immediately applied inbound to the affected Customer connection. Randomization of TCP/UDP ports may require the targeted host’s IP address to be routed to Null0. Once the ACL has been implemented, FlexNetworks would notify their upstream providers to provide additional ACL filtering in this regard. As a preventative measure and what is considered Best Common Practice, FlexNetworks ensures that all Core routers filter BOGON prefixes on eBGP peering sessions and also establishes a Null0 route for same. This BCP ensures that DDoS attacks using forged BOGON source IP addresses are never learned via eBGP and should an inbound packet be received with a forged source IP address, it is routed to Null0 preventing a reply

How do you handle scheduled outages?
Please contact us at Support@FlexNetworks.ca for our current change management policy.

We need to move our in-building fibre demarcation location. How do I request that?
Please contact Sales@FlexNetworks.ca or contact your account executive directly. Your request will be forwarded to our field operations group, who will book a site walk to determine cost and requirements for the move. You will be provided with a quote and an estimated delivery date following the site walk.

What charges should I expect on my first invoice?
We bill one month ahead, meaning you will be charged for the next month plus any one-time charges as per the Agreement. You may also receive a prorated charge for the partial month from your in-service date.

Who do I contact if there is a mistake in my billing?
Please contact your account executive as soon as possible if there is an issue with your billing

What is your monthly billing cycle?
We bill from the first day of the month.

Will I be given notice before the end date of my agreement?
We will endeavor to contact you within 90 days from the end of your agreement, either verbally or electronically.


How can we help?

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