From our viewpoint we’ve found that the three biggest issues related to poor connectivity in the workplace are:

  1. Staff productivity reduced by a slow network,
  2. Real-time applications negatively impacted by unreliable and instable consumer-grade services with ‘best-effort’ SLA’s, and,
  3. Delayed implementation of new technologies.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Unsure? Then ask yourself this; how many times in the past year has someone at work complained about one of these issues?

Unfortunately, sometimes poor connectivity can’t be helped. In our opinion, the three biggest reasons companies have insufficient network connections are:

  1. Lack of choice,
  2. Lack of budget (which reflects how little regard your need for connectivity is held in your company), and,
  3. Not knowing what you don’t know – in other words, you have no clue how good things can be.

Not sure how reliant your business is on its Network Connection?

Try this simple test.

At a peak time during the workday, turn the Internet connection off and start timing. If people start squawking in 30 seconds or less, you have a pretty good idea of the importance. On the flip side, if you don’t hear anything for a few minutes you either don’t need a better connection, or worse, your staff are used to it!

What new technology or application would you introduce if your connectivity was ultra-fast and steadily reliable?

And, most importantly, who will stop bugging you when that happens? Carol in finance? The Owner? How about your customers?